For your convenience and budget we have chosen to start selling our used parts inventory on the website.  Our goal at Formula Mazda has always been.  "When a part leaves our hands, we never want to see it again." That means you are HAPPY.  That policy applies to our USED Parts Inventory as well.  

All USED Parts are in good working condition, but may have blemishes.  We have a GO/NO-GO Gauge - we call him Moses.  If he would install it on an FM in our shop then it's for sale and you'll find it here, if he would not then it gets recycled.  The prices have already been set based on this gauge.  

This USED inventory is provided as a courtesy to our Formula Mazda Family.  Let's keep it simple!  We will not answer questions and/or take pictures regarding the condition or appearance of a particular USED item. 

Dedicated to Keeping you on track!