Hey all you Formula Mazda Owners!

Can't make weight at the scales? Looking to shed a few pounds for summer? Start with a little work on your Formula Mazda. There are a few items that help make that happen.

Spend $300 on the below parts and save 10%.  
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  • CV Joints + Boots - Lightweight (2.8 lb reduction)
  • Caliper Pucks (1.1 lb reduction, and upgraded thermlock - next caliper rebuild)
  • Pressure Plate (2.8 lb reduction in rotating mass - next time service clutch or have gearbox out of the car)
  • Belly Pan / Main Floor (replace Stainless Steel with Aluminum - 21 lb weight reduction)
  • Battery (up to 14 lb weight reduction)
  • Differential (Aluminum - 3.4 lb weight reduction in rotating mass - next time need to replace ring and pinion) - Contact Scott Young at SY Gearboxes